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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trump Supporters-- Hurricane Deniers?

This is too rich: Apparently, the Usual Gang of Idiots thinks that Hurricane Matthew is some sort of Obama/Commie plot.

What they all should do is go buy an anemometer at a big-box sporting goods store and then take their fair asses to the east coast of Florida and George. They should stand on the shore, measure the winds, and let us know if it was really all that bad. Maybe Oxy-Boy will ferry them in with his Gulfstream-V.


jbrock said...

When it rolled over us in the Bahamas last night and today, it was certainly for real.

D. said...

Perhaps they can all board that Gulfstream-V and go and experience the non-storm up close and personal.

No, I'm not feeling nice about that.

CenterPuke88 said...

Natural consequence of years of chanting about liberal media lies/bias. The classic example of that was the guy who told an interviewer that if Hillary won, the election was rigged, but if tRump won, the election was fair! If they thought they could get away with it, they would argue Obama's weather control created the hurricanes.

Nangleator said...

These are the same people that believe Newtown, CT was created overnight and populated with thousands of actors, a couple centuries of history, and a fresh, phony shooting story, and yet Obama somehow forgot to continue his master plan at seizing all the guns in the country despite fooling everybody into being sad.

(Because it's impossible that a loon with a gun could hurt anybody.)

I believe their key to deposing Obama once and for all is to go to the Florida beaches and hang out. Get video of the party. Have a great time.