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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea; GOP Ed.

(18 months ago, I didn't know the half of it.)

At the moment, that applies to Republican political candidates. Every day or two brings to light more and more unsavory shit about Donald Trump. I suspect that the current polls understate his problem, as there may be a number of Republican women who are keeping quiet to pollsters and to their families, but will not vote for Trump.

So what do Republican candidates do? The day when one could declare to be #NeverTrump and appear to be principled are long past. Those denouncing Trump now, especially those who have denounced and then backtracked look like practitioners of the low art of expediency.

Those who now drop Trump will lose a portion of the GOP base. Those who don't drop Trump will lose votes from independents. Those who drop Trump and survive will be primaried by the same batshit-crazy people who brought you Trump. If they survive that, their next general election campaign will chain them to the rotting corpse of the Trump candidacy.

And Paul Ryan's speakership will end in January. If the Republicans hold the House, he won't have enough votes to survive.

Pass the popcorn.


dinthebeast said...

Today, Trump supporters responded to a poll showing him with a 33 point deficit among women by calling for the repeal of the 19th amendment. That'll make women want to vote for him for sure!

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that Trump's troubles with be a "two for one" and bring Ryan down so completely that he is never heard from again.

I may dislike Ryan more than I dislike Trump.