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Monday, March 23, 2015

"They Love Us Everywhere We Go" (plus "Justice for the Rich")

Tourists from other nations are going to Cuba before Americans start showing up in large numbers. Part of the attraction seems to be visiting a country without a single McDonald's. (There is one, but it's at Gitmo, a place no sane person would choose to visit.) Still, there are plenty of countries that don't have McDonald's, including Iceland, Jamaica and Bermuda. Many of the other nations that don't have one are shitholes by 1st world standards (North Korea, Kazakhstan, most of Africa).

Robert Durst's lawyers are pulling out all of the stops. They don't seem to be charging him with possession of a weapon while in possession of illegal drugs, which is probably a crime almost everywhere. I wouldn't bet against Durst beating the rap yet another time.


Nangleator said...

American judges are probably seeing stuff like this all the time, and starting to wonder how they can legally get into this racket--taking massive wads of cash to keep the .1% from being inconvenienced by the law. They can't quite yet just take money directly from the defendants... but plans are being drafted, no doubt.

Deadstick said...

Someone pointed out a while back that there had never been a war between two countries both of which had a McDonald's...but that didn't last long.