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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sucking Up; EtOH Edition

Jeb Bush and Scott Walker have changed their tune about ethanol subsidies in order to curry favor with Iowa voters.
Potential Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Scott Walker told Iowa voters on Saturday that they supported government policies to boost ethanol use, a change in position that could help their prospects in the corn-growing state.

Speaking at an agricultural forum in Des Moines, the two White House hopefuls said a 2007 law requiring ethanol use should be kept in place despite their general distaste for subsidies and mandates. Both have criticized supports for the corn-based fuel in the past.
The sad thing is that there is nothing really remarkable about any of this.


FrankC said...

Does farm machinery run on ethanol?
Thought not.

Marc said...

I love how the GOP candidate has to run as far to the right as he can to get the nomination, then turn around and start running towards the center if he wan't a snowflake's chance in heck to win in the general.

Joe said...

It'll be interesting to hear what they say when they come to Virginia. Lots of people here in the Valley associate the ethanol mandate with the high price of poultry feed.