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Monday, March 2, 2015

Horseshit From Bibi

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said his coming speech to the US Congress is "not intended to disrespect" President Barack Obama.
What a load of putrid tripe! I would accept that, maybe, if Netanyahu was the President of Southeast Goofystan, but he's not. The Israeli Ambassador, who has been one of Netanyahu's closest advisers, is a former GOP thug*.

It is an open secret that Netanyahu did everything he could to support the Rmoney campaign in 2012. If the premier of China had been so involved in our elections, there would have been a national uproar over foreign meddling. Which is exactly what Israel engaged in the last time around: Meddling in our elections.

There is no way that the Israelis couldn't have known that the Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-Tanning Bed) was trying to score cheap political points. And so, Bibi is doubling down on his bad bet.

Israel has, unwisely, chosen sides in American domestic politics**. They may find out, soon, how foolhardy it was to make that choice.
* And a former American.
** The side that wants to establish a state religion, because fuck the First Amendment.


bearsense said...

Time to reduce aid to Israel in the amount they spend on the "re-settlement" program. Let them pay for their policies out of their own budget.

B said...

" They may find out, soon, how foolhardy it was to make that choice"

Really? How could they make Barry care any less about their country? He has dissed them from the day of the election. He has aided their avowed enemies. He has done everything he could to hurt them, short of Nuking the country.

BiBi has nothing to lose.

And yes, Bearsense, lets stop aid to Israel. And every other country. I'm not being snarky here. Too much of our (borrowed) wealth is going to countries that either don't need it, or who hate us.

S O said...

As far as I know there's an old law that outlaws military aid to nuclear powers (or to non-signatories of the NNPT, not sure).
It's the one reason why Israel doesn't admit its nukes officially and why the USA don't either.

Obama would merely need to issue an executive order recognising Israel as a nuclear power and ALL military aid to Israel would be frozen instantly - billions every year.
Israel would be in an economic recession overnight.

So far Obama did basically nothing against Israel, he just didn't do their bidding.

B; you sound like someone who thinks foreign aid is a substantial part of the U.S.federal budget. There's actually not THAT much being paid (and about a third of it returns as taxes):
About half of the military & civilian aid total could be erased, but much of the rest are anti-epidemics efforts.

B said...

every little bit of reduction helps. Yeah, as a percentage of GDP, it is small, but still.

I just don't see where we need to send aid to India, or Jordan, or Israel....OR China.

I have no issues with Humanitarian aid, as long as the money is spent on aid and not bribes and graft.

Comrade Misfit said...

A lot of foreign aid is nothing more than disguised subsidies to American interests. F-16s keep the LockMart production line going, for example. Food aid, well, those sacks of grains are grown here. If they need heavy construction equipment or tractors, we're not giving them Kubotas.

Murphy's Law said...

To be fair, the Obama regime has been openly working in Israel to support Netanyahu's opposition in their coming elections and effectively topple his government. Looks to me like Obama's just reaping a bit of what he's been sowing.

Comrade Misfit said...

We're a superpower. It's what we do, from the various "color revolutions" of the last Administration all the way back to the Monroe Doctrine.

As Tom Lehrer sang: "They have to be respected, all their rights protected, `till somebody we like can be elected."