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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Republicans May Be Perfidious Bastards, But the Democrats Are Still Idiots

Republicans:A letter from Senate Republicans to Iran’s leadership has divided the GOP and forced it to play defense, endangering the party’s chances of passing a new round of sanctions that would kill President Obama’s nuclear talks with Tehran.The GOP so hates Obama that they would risk a war rather than see him get any credit for anything. Their hatred led them to pull out their collective cranks, lay them on a table and then invite the President to put on his golf shoes and dance on them. Which pretty much is what happened.

Now, for the Democrats:
The Obama administration is backing off its plan to ban a type of armor-piercing ammunition following a deluge of criticism from gun rights groups and congressional Republicans.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said Tuesday it will not ban bullets commonly used in AR-15 hunting rifles “at this time,” after receiving more than 80,000 comments on the proposal.
The proposed ban was always stupid, for the fact alone that most cops don't wear body armor that will stop high-powered handgun rounds, let alone rifle rounds. The M855 round isn't classified as armor-piercing ammunition by its main user (the military), so why the ATF wanted to take it on is a mystery.

But this is the stupidity: It is the Democrats' fascination with gun control that allows the GOP to split off enough working-class voters to win elections. Wiser Democrats have known this for a quarter-century but no, the dim Dems keep messing around with gun control and then losing elections here and there. The GOP is taking back the Colorado legislature because the idiot Dems passed gun control.

Something like 98% of American workers work for another person. Almost every one of those people would be a good bet to think about voting for a party that at least tries, from time to time, to help out workers. But no, the dim Dems have to keep poisoning the well with their stupid addiction to passing gun control bills.

Like it or not, the AR-15 series has been the most popular type of centerfire rifle sold in modern times. Most of those sold shoot the .223 round. Even trying to ban one of the most widely sold (and cheapest) type of ammunition for bullshit reasons will cost the Dems some seats here and there that they should have won.

One party is full of treasonous loons, the other is full of idiots who couldn't figure out this numerical sequence: 1, ___, 3.

We are so screwed.


Snowdog said...

I dunno, I can at least respect the republicans for being honest bastards. The Dems say the right things..but copy pretty much what the republicans actually do.

Historian Specialist Agent said...

Snowdog -" I can at least respect the republicans for being honest bastards"

What color is the sky on your planet?

MAL said...

Most of the Dem operatives are careerists, satisfied to take the money in the campaign game and get awarded for losing elections.

Wisconsin is the perfect example. The current Democratic Party of Wisconsin loses and loses, and its communications operations is shit. This will change in June 2015, and about time.

We need to appeal to the 98 percent of Americans over and over, as you say by speaking directly to their concerns, but also by acknowledging some truths about American society that around 90 percent of Americans know: We are a country in which a few special interests look out for themselves, and in a phrase most politicians are crooks and liars.

Robert said...

Dems backed-off increasing gun control laws years ago.
Good thing, too. It's probably why you never hear about mass-shootings in the USA anymore. (Snark emoji here).