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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise


I heard one of them depart from JFK back in the day. I was on the Belt Parkway and it was unbelievably loud.


Eck! said...

Mine was flight line of Whitman field Oshkosh '91
they were running rides over Canada and popping the sound barrier for 900$ a ride... Didn't do that but the takeoffs were breathtakingly LOUD.

It would do a full power then and release then light the burners and rumble by at maybe 80kts where we were [mid field] and it shook the earth. Soon as it was off the ground it was turning and gone.

Made the mil jets seem quiet.


Old NFO said...

Noisy bastards is right! :-) And dog crap vis out of the cockpit with the nose up! I took a picture from the cockpit in Iceland years ago. the Captain said he was thankful there was nobody else up there, because they would never see them (and the cockpit was TINY)!

Mark Rossmore said...

I had my 10th birthday party on one, 25 years ago. Not in the air, of course. My mom worked for British Airways in Miami and they used to fly Concorde in and out a few times a week. Sometimes they'd linger on the ramp for a few days. So, she managed to wrangle a visit for me and about nine of my 4th grade buddies. They drove us out to the ramp and we boarded via airstairs. The Speedbird was so tall and graceful, just a beautiful machine. We got to sit in the cockpit, kick the tires, run up and down the aisle, and generally enjoy the hell out of it. My friends from back then still talk about it. I'm just happy, grateful, and honored that such a huge piece of aviation history is part of my history.

When they were retiring Concorde, my mom--who was just about to retire from British Airways at that point--almost got us on the last Concorde flight from London to New York. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the time off. Alas....