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Monday, May 6, 2013

Even the Duffel Blog Wouldn't Have Dreamed This One Up

Yesterday, police in northern Virginia arrested the Air Force’s chief of sexual-assault prevention — for sexual assault. ... According to the arrest report, [LtCol Jeffrey] Krusinski drunkenly “approached a female victim in a parking lot and grabbed her breasts and buttocks.”
If it happened on base, no worries, the general who convened the court-martial would have wiped out any conviction. But this asshole did it off-base, so he's probably going to remain in a world of hurt.


BadTux said...

This one goes in the same book as the one in Salt Lake City where a Mormon bishop interrupted an attempted rape by charging the rapist with a samurai sword. You wouldn't believe it had happened unless you read the police report. (Which I'm sure Raw Story is working on as we speak ;).

Comrade Misfit said...

From the mug shot, it appears that some somebody tuned him up a bit.

BadTux said...

My guess is that the local PD don't like it when air pukes start hitting their womenfolk... I'm quite sure this dude "resisted arrest" with his face. I usually don't condone that kinda thing, but I might make an exception in this case.

Joe said...

It's much better than that, Tux: "The intended victim was apparently responsible for the wounds visible on Krusinski’s face."

Right on, sister!

BadTux said...

Oh wow. Makes me think he's a lot like the guy in this story... he probably was muttering something about "Women shouldn’t beat men! It’s the other way around! Her father should break her and make her obedient and submissive, like any good woman!”. Uncle Sam's Christian Flying Club is full of that kind of "Christian", the kind who believe that the Bible says that women were put here to be empty vessels for the use of men...

w3ski said...

Yea, I saw the rough handling as well. Kinda looked like a stick upside of his head, but whatever.
I love a good ending, where the attacker gets their ass handed to them by the victim. Especially when it's a woman doing the ass whomping. Maybe some other piece of shit wantabe will think twice.
Now if the law will just hold up its own end.
Too much of this kind of crap going on, not enough penalties involved I would think.

montag said...

The VA prosecutor has stated that she will keep the prosecution in civilian court. The AF is free to start its own investigation if it wishes. Good for her!


Comrade Misfit said...

Not a surprise, the AF has, of late, gotten a bit of a reputation for sweeping such cases under the rug.