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Thursday, May 30, 2013

FAA Administrator: "We Need You to Crash More Airplanes"??

Of course, that's not what he meant when he put out a safety letter to general aviation last week. But it did contain this sentence:
The number of fatal accidents has remained stubbornly flat.
I had never heard it put that way, at least with regards to reducing things. A lamentation that "sales are flat" or "revenues are flat" or "donations are flat" precedes exhortations to raise those numbers. "Flat-lining" is also not good.

I could say that my snarkometer is set to a pretty low scale and attribute that to nearly six years of blogging. But I don't think so, I've been pretty much known to go for sarcastic comments for a very long time.

Still, one wonders if somebody at 800 Independence Ave (SW) should have read over the draft and said: "Boss, I don't think that people will take this line to mean what you want it to mean."


Old NFO said...

Good point! And yeah that didn't read 'right'...

bearsense said...

Guess someone was listening, eh ??

and this