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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alternate Dispute Resolution and the Consistency of Assholes

I am of the opinion that, as a form of alternative dispute resolution, we ought to seriously consider bringing back dueling. For maybe people would get over some of their butthurt if they had to back it up with pistols at dawn.

Sen. Coburn (Grinch-OK) wants to make sure that there are offsetting cuts in the Federal budget before voting to aid his own constituents. Fine, let's take it from other money earmarked for the state, then. Find a program that Coburn supports and then slash that. Or maybe raise the top marginal tax bracket by half-a-percent.

It's to be expected. He's a clown from the Party of Perpetual Warfare, but he's not in favor of paying the piper for those wars by doing things such as helping veterans.

Or the other thing the Congress can do is tell Coburn: "You don't want emergency disaster aid for your state? OK, we're happy to oblige you." And then the good folks in Oklahoma can take up the matter with their senator.


Marc said...

He is retiring at the end of this term, so he doesn't care about voters...as if he ever did before.

Joan said...

From my perspective, it is not important that Coburn be affected but rather that the voters of Oklahoma switch on and think for a second or two the next time they vote. Therefore, the last option is probably the best.