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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Have You Seen "Star Trek into Darkness" Yet?

I haven't. But what I'm reading would seem to indicate that the movie is a redo of "Space Seed/The Wrath of Khan", complete with a cryogenically-frozen scenery-chewing villain.

Not that this is unknown, of course. The very first Star Trek movie was a shitty redo of "the Changeling".

If anyone has seen it, is it worth seeing?

Update: Saw it.


Old NFO said...

Waiting for it come out on United... :-)

Comrade Misfit said...

Gather that you fly a lot. The Untied flights I can take where I go are all RJs. So I stick with SWA. Which, at best, has FAs who can sing the preflight safety briefing.

Eck! said...

Planning to next friday at jordans..

May be junk, see we shall.


DTWND said...

I'm not a trekkie, but my older brother is. He says meh. I found it entertaining and didn't look deep into the gadgets and technologies aspect. A good way to while away 2 hours.

Sarah said...

I just saw it today. Last week, I saw JJ Abrams on Jon Stewart's show. Abrams started on a long spiel prefaced with 'as a kid, I never liked Star Trek, didn't "get it". blah blah blah blah...' Jon let him go on a minute or so, with his chin in his hand the way he does, and then said "I stopped listening after you said you didn't like Star Trek".

And there's your summary.

Abrams still doesn't get it. He's turned the movie into one long serious of *continuous* (I'm not exaggerating) action, battle, explosion scenes.

The cast is fine. I hope whoever directs the next one "gets it". The franchise has survived worse movies.

XR650L_Dave said...

It was pretty good- it would not have been as good had I known it was the 'alternate timeline WOK', that twist actually worked fairly well.

Kadira said...

Yes I thought it was worth it..I am of a certain age, which shouldn't matter but may. The young actors do such a good job of catching the old cast's style, is it more Hollywood?...sure...but this is today not yesterday. If you long for space travel, if you realize there is still a frontier out there then why not...worth it to go imagine going where no earthling has gone before..