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Monday, May 6, 2013

They're Famous Because They've Killed People. Let's Fix That.

I was going to write about terrorism. I was going to write about the ratchet effect, when security measures and reductions in civil rights are "ratcheted up", but there never seems to be a release pawl to lessen them,* or that the security agencies are only truly interested in increasing their own power, while the TSA is as fumbling as ever. I was going to write about the need to treat terrorism as a crime, "lone wolf" attacks are difficult to stop and that terrorists will never completely fade away.

I might have mentioned that, as a cause of death, terrorism is overrated. And the old saw that "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" is still accurate.

I was going to write about my belief that the idiots who perpetrate such atrocities are losers who are seizing the only way they know to become famous and that one way to demotivate them is to deny them fame. But hell, I was blogging about that four years ago.

Frankly, I don't know how professional opinion people do this. Maybe they get paid lots of cash, for at some point, it goes from beating a drum to bashing your head against the wall, for as you might have noticed if you clicked on any of the links above, they all go to earlier posts on this blog. It gets old and if it feels boring for me to keep plowing up the same crap, Gentle Reader, it must be as boring for you to read it.
* Because nobody wants to be the one who relaxed security and then be lambasted for another crime.


D. said...

I try to think of it less like flogging deceased equine and more like water eroding stone; the latter is slightly (very slightly) more effective.

Comrade Misfit said...

It gets hard when I've really taken the time to write a good piece, like the one on bank robbery and terrorism, for then, when I read back over it, I really have nothing to add.

I guess it's nice that I can just link back to those pieces. Editorialists don't have that luxury. Or does the editor at the WSJ or the NYT yell out: "Run editorial #74 tomorrow"?

Eck! said...

Real simple, editorial #74, has no critical thinking in it and is just propaganda.

Often whats said is important and what not repeated because it pure BS is equally important. So without a viable media we need people looking out their windows and going "WTF is that?" rather than hearing stay clam and indoors.

Humph, security. All those home that were first locked down, then the people forced out at gunpoint and sent down the road after being frisked, the house searched and left doors open and unlocked... security my ass.