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Friday, May 10, 2013


I've tried to pay a little bit of attention to the GOP Outrage Machine over the Benghazi incident and frankly, I can't.

Oh, sure, Little Lindsey Graham is so mad, but I keep asking myself this question: Where was his outrage when it came to light that the intelligence to support the Iraq War was cooked up? Where was his anger when it was apparent that the claim, made by Colin Powell at the UN, that Iraq had bought aluminum tubes to make centrifuges was a lie? Where was his umbrage over the fact that the claim that Iraq was buying uranium powder, known as "yellowcake", was based on forged documents? Has Graham ever been upset that one of the main fabricators of the cause for the Iraq War, Achmed Chalabi, was allegedly an Iranian agent?

The number of Americans who have died as a result of the Bush Administration's fabrications to gin up a war with Iraq approaches 5,000. Between undiagnosed closed-head injuries, regular old "bleeding" battle wounds and PTS, the number of American soldiers damaged in the war is likely well over 100,000. (And I'm not even mentioning the staggering numbers of civilians killed, wounded or made into refugees by the war.)

No GOP outrage over any of that. But oh, they're spending months and months trying to stir up outrage over the deaths of four American diplomats in Benghazi.

It's all a political game. And the fact that, other than the GOP Noise Machine, Fox News, and GOP partisans, nobody else is paying attention shows that everyone else knows it.


BadTux said...

That's one diplomat and three CIA agents, yo.

What baffles me is that the outrage is apparently over things Obama supposedly *didn't* do, rather than things that he supposedly *did* do. Where's their outrage over the things Bush didn't do when he was handed a memo "bin Laden determined to strike inside America" that stated that hijackers were being trained to take over planes? That one resulted in a whole lot more than four deaths...

But not doing things isn't a crime. Otherwise Bush would be in prison rather than opening his one-book library, yo.

w3ski said...

They have to keep us distracted with 'something' right?
Except for the stock market, the economy is in the toilet so far that even McDonalds is seeing strikes! They want another leaky pipeline, a new deeper water well to blow out, climate change is just about to really become undeniable, Banks and the rich are at an all time high, more people than ever are scared about enough food.
Heck, they gotta get something going in the news Quickly , to distract us before something Really Blows, and outside of Texas.
The "debit" problem doesn't leave us in enough fear and awe so they had to come up with another phony problem to distract us from their absolute failure to address any truly serious national problem.
Sick and Tired of the 'sos'.