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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Viruses and Shit

There is a new virus attack out. You get an email message that looks as though it came from someone you know. It asks you to open a document on Google Docs.

And if you do so, you are hosed.

What you should before opening any document sent to you (which you did not specifically ask for) do is write a second email (do not hit "reply") to your friend, or, better yet, call them up and ask if they sent that.


Old NFO said...

Excellent point! :-)

Eck! said...

Better yet I don't use google docs _ever_. So any doc from there is clearly
not for me by anyone that knows me.

SO those I hit delete reflexively. Alone with those that pretend to be
UPS, FedX, WellsFargo....


Nangleator said...

Worst thing about these attacks is, you now have to write an email along with any link you want a friend to open. A convincing email.

The Nigerian scammers are improving. I saw one that suggested he was an investigator in the AIG scandal, and one of the messed up accounts belonged to a dead person with my exact name, and if I kept quiet about it, we could conspire to sneak off with the money... The English was almost perfect.

w3ski said...

I got one from my wife, timed at 2:30 in the morning?
I'm sorry, we were sound asleep at that time, no one was up to send an E-Mail.
It turned out she had forgot to sign off of Yahoo when she went to sleep at night, busy little fuckers at 2 in the morning aren't they?