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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Republicans Who Cried "Wolf".

Whether or not the AP phone records searches by the Feebies or the IRS's treatment of Tea party lobbying groups are genuine scandals or not, you don't have to go very far to find conservatives who are voicing frustration that, so far, none of this is sticking to President Obama.

There is a reason for that: The GOP and the Right Wing Noise Machine.

The GOP and the RWNM have spent the last 4+ years screaming about everything that Obama has done, didn't do, including every possible misstep. If he were to step on a crack in the sidewalk, the RWNM would spend a week baying that he was deliberately trying to break his mother's back. If the Beast were to cross a double-yellow line, they'd scream about violations of traffic laws. You don't have to go far to find as much outrage over two Marines holding umbrellas[1] as you'll find about the AP phone records.[2]

To the RWNM, everything is a scandal, to be screamed out at the same level of rage and volume. Everything is a scandal of the level of Watergate to the RWNM.

Which is to say that nothing is a scandal. The American people know this, they've seen and heard the RWNM screaming lo, these many years. They know it's all bullshit. They know that the GOP cares nothing about governing, but only about destroying this president, even if it means doing irreparable harm to the country.So, until proven otherwise, they're not going to pay any attention to the noise.

So if you're a conservative and you want to know why nobody is paying attention, the blame is in your house.
[1] From Terminal Lance: We’re Marines, if President of the fucking United States asks you to hold a fucking umbrella, you hold a fucking umbrella. As well, the day I give a shit about a boot Corporal holding an umbrella is the day I’ve forgotten what the Marine Corps is. Honestly, holding an umbrella for the President is probably the least demeaning thing I could imagine doing as a Marine, as opposed to the other bullshit I had to do every day. No one would think twice about asking a boot to police call cigarette butts across the entire base at 5am, but the minute this boot has to hold an umbrella for the Commander in Chief, people get upset.

He’s the President, he rates an umbrella.

Get over it.

[2] Let's be clear on this: If the Bush Administration had done the same thing, only the truly principled conservatives would have objected, which is to say, about 0.03% of the RWNM.


Nangleator said...

Perhaps wingers can be persuaded that being even more strident, with ravings more apocalyptic, will convince us. You know, to emphasize whichever are the most outrageous scandals of each day.

BadTux said...


Still shaking my head over that one. These people aren't even listening to themselves anymore, I think, or else they'd realize just how silly that makes them sound to the American public, which isn't all that bright (50% of them being below average, and average not being so smart nowadays), but that makes it even harder to get them upset about the subtleties of being outraged about... umbrellas? Heh!

w3ski said...

It's got to be what was said earlier "the president is a 'ni-clang", I just can't see any other reason for all the outrage. School kids and Seniors starving certainly have no effect. Travel delays will though?
Hard to tell what gets them excited anymore but it's got to be something retarded and out of date.

Eck! said...

When played bat to the wingers... they get upset at the crazies and more so when they recognize their own voice.

As to the umbrella, that is to most marines honorable duty. The problem is not the
umbrealla, its that it wasn't a rethuglican president.