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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GE Opts for "Creepy"

They cast Agent Smith for their new commercial.

First off, the Matrix isn't exactly cutting edge as far as pop-culture goes. The first movie came out 14 years ago and the two sequels came out ten years ago. They may be old enough to be free movies on the cable "on demand" menu.

Second, well, the ending is just creepy. These days, if some clown wearing sunglasses knelt before a strange kid and offered lollipops, the jerk might end up being pepper-sprayed (or shot).

I don't know what message GE was trying to convey, but casting an evil artificial intelligence with hints of pedophilia as a pitchman just doesn't seem like the wisest move to me.


BadTux said...

I dunno, "evil artificial intelligence" seems to me to be the perfect representation of what GE means to America and Americans.

Unknown said...

Maybe rather than the general public, the target audience is hospital administrators, the kind of people that see sick people as profit centers.

Sarah said...

Yasss.... creepy. "GE: connecting people to machines".

I liked the ringing phone bit at the end.

Old it may be, but thankfully the culture has not yet begun wiping it's memory after 15 years. Yet.