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Friday, May 31, 2013

Crappy Gun Match

I wonder how much fun it would be to have a match where everybody has to use crappy guns.

Say, for instance, a Bullseye match. The rimfire portion would be shot with .22 kitgun revolvers with a maximum barrel length of four inches. The centerfire part would be shot with automatics that have NYPD-legal 14lb triggers. No optical sights, of course.

A long time ago, I read "The Making of a Surgeon", by William A. Nolan, M.D. One of the comments of one of his surgical teachers was along the lines of: "If you can't take out an appendix with a rock and the top of a tin can, stand aside for someone who can."

It would be interesting to see what people could do with less-than-match-grade guns.

Or maybe I'm just a bit sadistic.


Eck! said...

zIT actually shoots...

Because skill!

Maybe a pellet gun match!


w3ski said...

I have a High Standard .22 with a 2 inch barrel. It's not a match gun at all but it will put all 9 in a tea cup at 25 yards. How accurate is 'enough'?
I am convinced a good shot could make it do even better. Of course I have had it since I was 10 years old and have some 'practise' with it.
It's more accurate than I am. Of course I can say that about all my guns.
I'd like to see what Ed McGivern could do with it.