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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Жизнь в Советской Америки, или
Life in Soviet America

Twenty cops, two KGB DHS airplanes and a drug dog did show up to interrogate a pilot whose sole "crime" was to fly from California to Oklahoma under Visual Flight Rules. With, mind you, the aircraft's transponder on the entire length of the trip. The Stasi goons Border Patrol cops asked if he would allow them to search his airplane. He declined, telling the cop:
"My Dad fought a war so this can never happen in America. I will not dishonor my father's memory by giving up what he fought for. No, sir. With all due respect, I will not consent to a search without a proper warrant."
This is what it has come to in this country: The DBP cops, all of them, are acting as though this country is a police state: They get to go where they want, search whatever they want and to hell with the Fourth Amendment, because they assume that when twenty of them show up in full SWAT gear, everyone will capitulate.

Bravo to that pilot for respectfully telling them to go fuck themselves.


Nangleator said...

Boy, wait until they've found out airplanes have flown before, on visual flight plans. Or NO flight plans!

Oshkosh will be surrounded by the Barney Fife's of three states!

Eck! said...

This is disturbing. Especially when I think of all the VFR flying I used to do with out flight plans and often with unplanned [that airport look interesting] stops.


Old NFO said...

This is the tip of the iceberg... If you're flying in Texas and don't file/follow a flight plan, you will get met and or 'escorted'...