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Monday, March 26, 2012

Apparently, "Evil Lair of Vicious, Trigger-Happy, Murderous Mercs" Wouldn't Fit on a T-Shirt.

Academi, once known as Blackwater, operates a 435,600 square-foot “forward operating base” — which is what the U.S. military calls its warzone outposts — called Camp Integrity. ... And it even has its own t-shirt for sale...


montag said...

That is very probably the only known use of the word Integrity in the Greater Kabul area.

BadTux said...

But... but... Academi! Clearly this is just a place of scholarly study, where their employees walk around in white robes while somberly debating the fine details of the philosophy of... uhm... capering in the woods while wearing white robes? Heh. Like you said, "Evil Lair of Vicious, Trigger-Happy, Murderous"... aholes. Being from the South, I've met their ilk a'plenty. Usually ranting about the N-word , while their white robe hangs in the closet.