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Sunday, March 4, 2012

And Yet Another Maudlin Gracie Post

George is lying on one of the heating pads. But unlike Jake, who sprawls out across them, George is carefully perched on about 40% of it. That was the room that Gracie gave him when she was on it, so he is still leaving her room to join him. I think he misses her and I don't know of how to help.

Jake, on the other hand, could care less, it seems. Gracie would run him off places where he was sleeping when she wanted to be there, I doubt that he misses that.

I went to Google images and searched for "Gracie the cat". She was several pages down in the results. But when I searched for "Gracie the queen cat", her photos were the first two presented and there was a third on in the first page.

It is hard, though, to have pet animals. You know that the chances are that they will pass away on you, you know that it will hurt when the time comes, but still, we have pets. Our vets (Rocky's and mine) sent very nice condolence cards.

Today's NYT had a lengthy profile of Frothy and an article how Mittens is following Obama's nomination strategy. Go read them, if you give a crap.


Improbable Joe said...

Yet another, but as many as you need. We know how you feel. When we lose our four-legged family members it hurts like hell. It is worth it, but still pretty damned hard.

Doug T. said...

EB, it is very hard. My dog has passed the halfway point of his expected life and maybe even further given how he likes to take off and chase the trail of some animal in the woods. I don't like to think of it. But, we'll have another puppy soon after she dies, if not before.

Cujo359 said...

Just getting caught up. My condolences. Gracie was quite a cutie. I bet both your other cats miss her at least a little.

wolfbitch said...

George is processing his grief the only way he knows how - by taking his own sweet time about it. He may still believe that Gracie is coming back. Either way, the interesting day will be when Jake decides he wants to take Gracie's old spot. I bet George smacks him for it, hard.

Your posts about Gracie aren't maudlin in the least - I find them comforting as I continue to grieve over my own lost monster.

Unknown said...

Know the feeling. Last night, resting after a workout, Cal wasn't there trying to lick the sweat off my face. It was depressing. (Kinda gross, I know, but it was one of those quirky rituals...)

Old Sarge said...

It is bittersweet I know. But I can't picture myself without a companion of the four legged type.

Two legged on the other hand? Meh...

If I got the proverbial three wishes from a magic genie, the first would be for my Germanicus to last exactly as long as I do.

bob said...

I would rather hear about dogs and cats even though their pass leave a hole in my life it is much better for my blood pressure than thinking about the crap masters, maybe that is what the crap masters want.