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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cheney's New Heart

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was recovering Saturday evening after undergoing heart transplant surgery, his office said.
The Borowitz Report's take on it is not to be missed.

I don't know if they did a "Mickey Mantle" here.[1] Cheney qualified to be in the top tier of those waiting for a donation; 20 months on the wait list isn't unusual.[2]

This is obviously good news for those who care about Mr. Cheney. It is also good news for those who want to see justice for the many war crimes committed at his command. He may indeed now live long enough to not cheat the hangman.
[1] Mickey Mantle received a liver transplant in 1995, after being on the transplant waiting list for a single day. Similar questions with regard to favoritism were raised about Steve Job's liver transplant.
[2] Unless they are lying about his time on the waiting list.


wolfbitch said...

I do believe the "20 months on the waiting list" is accurate. Certainly, he could have been Mantled up to #1, anytime he wanted - all he had to do was Darth Vader the transplant committee. But a while back, some newscaster asked him about a transplant, and he told them he wasn't sure he wanted one yet.

He's been on the L-VAD for the whole 20 months, so for 20 months he's been a zombie.

I'd love to totally hate the guy. But every time I try, I remember his public statements that he supports gay marriage, and that he loves and is proud of his lesbian daughter. Yeah, I wish he'd get his damn ass out there and campaign loudly for it... but his attitude is at least something.

Aside from that, I think he should be in jail.

w3ski said...

I have a lot of built up anger for "Mr." Cheney. Personally I see conviction in a world court for crimes against Humanity, and after a small time of reflection , have his working heart removed while he is still alive And without morphine. Seems fitting, but who am I to "judge"

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that a beating, working piece of flesh was given to this monster. I hope he goes into rejection.

montag said...

I am leery of that stuff about the waiting list. It is not in his character to wait. More to the point, I want to know where they found a heart evil enough to not reject him?

Phil said...

Forget Cheney's new heart; at the instant it entered his body it became as dark and evil as his old heart.

Phil said...

You can ad this to the long list of crimes against Humanity committed by those two fuckers.

Stewart Dean said...

The way Mantle partied, they probably should have closed the incision with Velcro.........