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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh, You Can Have Fun on a Carnival Cruise

If the ship doesn't go dead in the water and have to be towed into port, catch fire, sink, or if you're not robbed at gunpoint, that is.

I've never understood the fun of staying in a large floating hotel, one that can both catch fire and sink. At least in a resort hotel, if things go sideways, you can call a cab and leave. Hard to do that when you're hotel is bobbing in the Indian Ocean, in pirate-infested waters.


Dr. Bubbles said...

I never had any desire to go on a cruise. Then I read the late David Foster Wallace's travel piece about it, entitled "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again." Now I sort of want to go, just once, to see if I can pick up on the pervasive undercurrent of creepiness that he described. (I also like medical-oddity museums, which may help explain my desire.)

w3ski said...

And this reaction comes from a person that does enjoy flying in a small plane where even a parachute may not be an option?
Flight and big boats scare the beejebers out of me.
I do have a love for Kyacking in lakes, but I can swim to shore if it goes down thankyou.
w3ski a feet on the damn ground kind of person