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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why is Everybody Surprised to Learn that Rush Limbaugh is a Dirty Sexist Pig?

I mean, really. Why is this such a shocker? The bounds of decency have never been a limitation for him.

This would not be remarkable if it weren't for the point that Oxy-boy is the de facto head of the GOP. Politicians of that stripe who have disagreed with His Grossness have, in the past, quickly fallen into line. That is why Santorum issued such a lame disavowal of el Cerdo's campaign of vilification against women who would like to use contraception.

Don't worry, though. Frothy will walk it back as soon as the heat dies down.

Update, 3/4/12: Following the Dirksen Rule* (because seven sponsors have dropped him), Oxy-boy has apologized. He said that he was "trying to be humorous", which is the biggest sack of offal offered up for public consumption is the days when the Bushies were selling the Iraq War. His statement that he "did not mean a personal attack" is just malarkey. Personal attacks and character assassinations are his stock-in-trade.
* "When I feel the heat, I see the light."


Vannevar said...
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OldRetiredDude said...

I was SHOCKED! Shocked I say, to learn about Old Blimpy hating women. It could well be that we are seeing the beginning of the end of Rush. We can only hope. I have e-mailed a lot of clear channel sponsors this week and plan to do more to boycott this terrible excuse for a man. Thanks to him I feel a need to apologize for my gender.

Dr. Bubbles said...

It's astonishing how fast he 'caved.' I expected him to dig his heels in.