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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Economic Destruction of American Cities Wrought By Airline De-Regulation

How deregulation and the banksters have been wrecking the American air transportation system and how that has been damaging many cities.

For those who have not been paying attention to the airline business, much of this may be astonishing.

For those who have, not so much. If we are going to have a vibrant airline system in this country, some regulation beyond matters such as aircraft maintenance and pilot certification is in order.

But it won't happen anytime soon.


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John Milton said...

People are going to have to accept that the big hubs are where the jet service to many destinations will be. Smaller airports will be served by smaller carriers, just like in the days of the CAB, flying to the major hubs. It just doesn't make sense to have RJ service from Athens, GA to ATL, but get on Georgia Skies airline, flying Cessna Caravans, and they can get you from AHN to ATL and back for $151.

"Back in the day" Southern Airways would fly Martin 404's into Valdosta, GA and take you to ATL. Southern serviced many of the smaller markets in the southeastern US. People wanted jet service (and who could blame them) so we started subsidizing through the government program of "essential air services." The fact is that if there is a viable commercial market, a carrier, even though small, will step it to provide it.