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Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Damn Good Reason to Keep Using an Old Analog TV Set

The new HDTVs are coming with cameras and microphones.

So you can invite a spy into your home and pay well over $1,000 for that "feature".

Yeah. Register the damn warranty card; you can bet heavily that the FBI has a standing NSL search with them to learn who has them and who they may want to use the TV as a wiretapping device.

But if you have one, put in in a TV cabinet and close the freaking doors when you're not watching it. Better yet, put a small white-noise generator in the cabinet with the set.

Best is to not buy a Orwell M-1984 Spy-o-Matic.


D. said...

Hmmmm. These TVs are the perfect excuse to buy gay male porn and put it on repeat. Because once one covers the camera lens (so they can't see one picking one's nose), all that can be heard is groans and "Fuck, yeah!" Over and over. Wow, does that get boring.

Mr. Orwell's dystopia creeps toward us daily, doesn't it?

Nangleator said...

How long before it's illegal to cover the camera lens with masking tape? How long before it's illegal to turn off your TV?

Spud said...

I think that soon I shall be disconnecting completely and going off grid....

No Longer a Factor said...

I keep my privacy, along with all my other delusions, in a thing called Pandora's Box, where they're all perfectly safe.

bearsense said...

Pretty soon they'll come and get us for tearing the tags off these pillows.