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Friday, March 2, 2012

TSA: Sixty Billion Dollars of Fail

This is a blistering indictment of the TSA by a former FBI counter-terrorism agent. It contains very little hyperbole and a hell of a lot of "just the facts, Ma'am" prose.

My one qualm, though, is that the longer someone is in any organization, the greater likelihood is that they've consumed the kool-aid. As an example, for the Navy, their most significant enemy was the Air Force.[1] Bureaucratic entities hate competing bureaucratic entities and there is some overlap, however minor, between what the TSA does now and what the FBI used to do.[2]

He does reference the House Majority Report on the TSA, but that was a bit of a flaw, to my mind. These days, a report that is solely by one party or the other in Congress can pretty much be guaranteed to be a piece of political hackery.[3] One thing that the Right Honorable Gentlemen were frothing about was the lack of biometric pilot's licenses. I don't know how it is in the airline word, but out here in FLIB-Land,[4] nobody ever asks to see a pilot's license, especially if you're not renting an airplane.
[1] Pretty much the same for the Army, as well.
[2] The TSA's recent push to have armed TSA officers [shudder} and its own SWAT team [shudder^10] may be a part of that.
[3] Especially from the party of Boehner. Much of the report contains whining that private companies have not been able to get their beaks wet from the TSA's pot of cash.
[4] "Fucking Little Itinerant Bastards", a well known air traffic controller epithet towards non-scheduled flights.


Nangleator said...

Their own SWAT team...

Now there's a group that will never, ever, even once get an address right.

They'll murder every pet they see.

Most of the children, too.

And burn every other house down.

Partly because they drop all their flashbangs right at their own feet, and become enraged at the "suspects" because of it.

OldRetiredDude said...

It just keeps getting better! Who didn't see this coming, really?