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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Weasel of Bridgeport

No surprise here: Lieberman was for an expansion of Medicaid to people age 55 as recently as three months ago.
By allowing citizens who are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid to buy in for a rate below the private market, the government can extend coverage to more of those who are currently uninsured, he said.
There is probably no small amount of things that I could say about the complete lack of integrity, thorough dishonesty, utter self-absorbed shamelessness and non-existent political courage of Joe Lieberman, not to mention his completely blasted and shriveled-up cinder of a soul, but I think you know how I feel about that little putz,


Nangleator said...

Well, any investigators would know in which time period to look for large deposits in his accounts...

But the way the lobbying regulation is, it's probably legal what he did.

Frank Van Haste said...

Dear Miss Fit:

I must rise to defend the honor of Bridgeport! I don't believe that my beloved Park City is deserving of the pejorative propinquity inflicted in the title of your post. Certainly The Honorable Senator passes through from time to time, but His Weaselness could equally well be associated with any other municipality in our fair state. Why not "The Weasel of Waterbury"? It has, at least, the virtue of alliteration. (Oh, I forgot. The pedophilic former Mayor retired that one. Maybe "Weasel of Westport"?)

Best regards, and Joy of the Season,


Comrade Misfit said...

Tell you what, Frank, I'll rotate cities and towns.