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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Health Insurance; Another Idea

This idea probably makes too much sense to ever be adopted.

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BadTux said...

He's talking about increasing government money flowing to private insurers by eliminating Medicaid. How, exactly, is that a fiscally prudent idea? Medicaid is incredibly cost-effective -- as inefficient as it is, its cost is still less than HALF that of private insurance premiums. It simply isn't fiscally prudent to kick all those people off of Medicaid and force them to buy insurance on the private market, even if we open up the federal employee insurance pool to outside purchase the way that he (and Hilary Clinton during the primaries) suggests.

But then, I suppose that any good Republican can't pass up the chance to transfer public money to private entities, even if it isn't fiscally prudent. George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. Just sayin'.

- Badtux the Health Care Penguin