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Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Argument to Kill the Bill

It is a good one.

Olbermann makes a strong argument: Obama needs to stand for something.

I doubt if he is listening.


Unknown said...

Calm down. Do you think this is the last session Congress will ever have? They can pass this bill, go on break, and come back and pass a new one. They can pass this bill and introduce a stand-alone public option bill the moment the gavel hits. They can attach it to a defense authorization bill just to make the Republicans squirm.

That's democracy's redeeming feature: there's always another chance. The bill has become all about the Republicans, or some of them, trying to prove the President impotent. Not many Americans even know what's in it, but only that Obama wants it passed and the Republicans don't. If they want to live by that kind of politics they can die by it: if any sheet of paper that has "Health Care Reform" at the top passes the Senate the Republicans lose. If there's one or two initiatives that the Democrats wanted on it, that's just icing on the cake.

This isn't the end of health care reform. It's only the beginning. More than anything else, this bill establishes that the government has a compelling interest in universal health care coverage and the power to act in that interest. That is a critical milestone, even if their first attempt at it is tepid. Olbermann is arguing that since the journey is looking unexpectedly long, we shouldn't take the first step. And he's wrong.

Nangleator said...

I'm so messed up on this issue. It's gone through so many changes, ups and downs.

I'm like a binary switch now. I go with the last good argument I've heard. I was with Dean for a while, then against him, then with Keith, now with you.

And with every flip, I get a little more depressed.

I think what depresses me the most is that evil people can openly display the might of their vast wealth altering our government, and half the country urges them on, even knowing that they are enabling their own masters to rob and oppress them further.