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Sunday, December 27, 2009


The purpose of terrorism is to terrorize. So what has the Underwear Bomber managed to do?

Think of the sheer stupidity of "Sit In Your Seats With Your Laps Empty For the Last Hour of the Flight (Or the Air Marshal Will Shoot You in the Head)" rule. What is so magical about the last hour of the flight? Anyone who smuggled a bomb or an Insane Chemist Bomb-Making Kit(tm) on board could try to blow the thing up at any point of the flight. (Don't expect the DBP to figure that one out, by the way.)

Our government will pour billions of dollars into the detection of underpants made out of bomb-precursor chemicals. Millions of air travelers will be further inconvenienced. Millions more travelers, when there is a choice, will opt not to fly to avoid the hassle. That will further hurt the airlines and vacation businesses which depend on long-distance travel. (On the other hand, it will be good for local attractions, drivable destinations and Amtrak.)

All of this without doing much more than scorching the terrorist. I'd rate the attack as "very successful".

Update: If you are flying on an international flight, better bring a dead-tree book with you (or sedate yourself) as DBP may be preparing to ban the use of all personal electronic devices.

Shit. Why not just put all of the passengers in restraints, like Con Air? The guards flight attendants can just walk up and down the rows with Klingon pain-sticks and zap anyone who says anything at all.



Cirze said...

It has exactly the same effect as 9/11 actually - just a little bit farther down the line of obedience to power.

Land of the unfree, home of the you better be brave.

When will the people WAKE UP?


Comrade Misfit said...

Not anytime soon.

Sarah said...

Beyond its own intrinsic reward, it is instructive to travel outside the US. Returning to the home of the brave is an eye-opening experience.

Eck! said...

Genrally, If I'm not the pilot or in one of the front seats then there is sufficient cause to walk, drive or take a train.

The level of gross stupidity, thievery, and herd (mostly sheep) behavior in airports is something to behold. Security is not something others can provide. Those that believe that also believe the banks are honest and their stock broker has their interest at heart as well. Dammit, keep following the bureaucracy to 1984 (the book) or to other dictatorial leaders to keep one placated and feeling warm and fuzzy.
Then you can fly in a paper gown wearing a government diaper. To all of you, I greet you with Moo, baah and cluck as those are the sounds of cattle.

One little problem, when that people are demoted to cattle, when does loosing a few to transport difficulties become "incidential lossage", just like steers being moved to market.

Obscene, yes. Have a nice flight.


BadTux said...

I am surprised that the DBP has not seriously considered Robert Heinlein's solution to potentially hidden weapons onboard airliners: make all the passengers board totally naked. But then I suppose body cavity searches would become the next frontier :).

- Badtux the Snarky Security Theater Penguin