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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thank You, Wall Street, Republican Bank Deregulators, George W. Bush and All of You Assholes At Goldman Sachs Who "Are Doing God's Work"

This is what you clowns have brought us:
Most economists say it could take at least until 2015 for the unemployment rate to drop down to a historically more normal 5.5 percent. And with the job market likely to stay weak, some also foresee another decade of wage stagnation.

Even though the economy will likely keep growing, the pace is expected to be plodding. That will make employers reluctant to hire. Further contributing to high unemployment is the likelihood of more people competing for jobs, baby boomers delaying retirement and interest rates edging higher.

All this would come after a decade that created relatively few jobs: a net total of just 464,000. By contrast, 21.7 million new jobs were generated between 1989 and 1999.
You jackasses in both parties (I'm looking at you, Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers), though predominantly Republicans, trashed the economy. You deregulated the financial industry and they industriously got busy building an entire Ponzi economy. The Republican "cut taxes for the rich and everything will be groovy" ramped up the deficit across the now-ending decade and created about a fiftieth as many jobs as the 1990s.

But oh, the `naughts was a great decade for the top 0.1% of the economic spectrum (George W. Bush's peeps). And it appears that the teens will also be great for those on the top of the pyramid. As for the vast majority of those of us further down the economic pyramid, things have sucked and will apparently continue to suck.

Nothing is going to change, for the party of Hoover is more than happy to do everything they can to continue to keep working men and women down. They will fight any attempt to further stimulate the economy to get more people working, for high unemployment can work to keep wages down, which Republicans are all in favor of seeing take place. The following decade may very well help push the Republican goal of destroying the middle class closer to fruition.


Cirze said...

Good one!

Oh, and he is a "dick," but his name is Robert.

Thanks for your reporting.

Keep them honest.


Comrade Misfit said...

Got it, thanks