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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So Why Not Put Them in the Hamptons?

Oh, but you know the tony folk would raise holy hell if a wind farm was situated offshore of the Hamptons, or, for that matter, Fire Island.
COPENHAGEN - Mayor Bloomberg toured an enormous set of high-tech windmills anchored miles offshore here - and said Monday he wants to build the same thing off the Rockaways.

"It's pretty hard to find any reason against it," Bloomberg said after donning a bright orange suit and safety gear to see the 91 turbines slowly spinning above the ocean, where they make up the world's largest wind farm, generating 209 megawatts of power.
The Rockaways aren't poor country, but they are not places that rich folk tend to congregate. So it sort of makes sense that ol' Billionaire Mike is in favor of putting a wind farm off the Rockaways, for he isn't going to meet people at society cocktail parties who would give him grief over it.

This is not a new thing. Lots of the rich environmentalists were in favor of siting wind farms in upstate New York or in Vermont or Maine, but when Cape Wind wanted to put them off of Hyannis, MA, oh, the cries, the outrage coming from the same people who think renewable energy is a good thing.

It is, so long as long as they don't have to look at the wind turbines, that is.


Fixer said...

The people who own South Shore (Long Island) properties have too much political clout for there ever to be a wind farm out there. Even in the Rockaways.

Joe said...

I don't know what the problem is. I've seen the wind farms near Palm Springs. They're beautiful and fascinating to watch. I'd love to have some on my horizon.