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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

AUUGGHH! The Stupid! It Burns!

Congressman Peter King (R-NY):
"100% of the Islamic terrorists who are coming against us are Muslims."
That makes about as much sense as saying that "100% of the Klan church-bombers in the `60s were white people." They are statements that are (a) true, (b) useless from a security standpoint and (c) needlessly inflame the situation.

Anyone who thinks clowns like King or Hoekstra really care about improving security at airports probably also believes in unicorns. It is all about politics and scoring points for those bombastic fools.


montag said...

And let's not forget, 100% of the dumbass Congressmen in 3rd NY district are Republican.

Unknown said...

This publicity whore really needs a big timeout. Like..he loses his district type of timeout.