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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Harlot of Hartford

After all, Hartford is a city that is home to a number of insurance companies and Lieberman has had their interests in the front of his mind.
on Monday night, Democratic senators emerged from a tense 90-minute closed-door session and suggested that they were on the verge of bowing to Mr. Lieberman’s main demands: that they scrap a plan to let people buy into Medicare beginning at age 55, and scotch even a fallback version of a new government-run health insurance plan, or public option
It's a safe bet that Lieberman cares nothing about the tens of millions of Americans without health insurance. All he gives a shit about is sticking it to everyone who thinks that health insurance reform was a good idea. Now, all we have is a bill that will make insurance companies even richer-- just what Lieberman wants.

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Frank Van Haste said...

Dear Miss Fit:

"Harlot of Hartford"...yeah, that's good. Euphonious. I like it.

Bridgeport thanks you.



Sarah said...

That's my Al

STFU, said so politely. Only a Minnesotan...