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Monday, June 12, 2023

To Any Americans Voluntarily Living in Russia

You are running the risk of being snapped up by the Russian cops on bullshit charges in order to give Putin another hostage. Like this guy.

Seriously, dudes. Wrap your shit up and leave. Or just go. You're playing stupid games with your liberties. It's not that people in the States won't care, mind you. There is limited leverage on Russia, and we are most certainly not going to relax sanctions or stop helping Ukraine in order to spring your ass from the gulag.

And if things get much worse, just for being an American, you could wind up in a Russian prison camp for years.

So, Get The Fuck Out of Russia.

1 comment:

w3ski said...

I can't understand anyone choosing to live in Russia that doesn't have to. But then I feel the same way about Florida and Texas. I mean, there are so many nice places to live, why choose to go to any of those hellholes?