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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Bribing People for Support in Pittsburgh

The local scumbag electric scooter company in Pittsburgh is paying people to write letters of support.

People elsewhere have gotten tired of those "self-service" scooters because of the conduct of the riders.

The Pittsburgh City Council should toss out every letter of support for e-scooters as being as valid as an NRA postcard.


Eck! said...

Back in the 60s I built a scooter like that using motor and motorcycle battery from a PopTronis article. It could do about 6mph.

Oh damn the pavement rash at 6mph still hurts like hell! Gave that
whole mess a pass for a Honda S90 and a brain bucket.


CenterPuke88 said...

IDK, it’s kinda nice to see old fashioned vote buying/influence tactics.

Aaron said...

Amateurs. They should have cut out the middlemen. After all, they just need to bribe a few council members with some nice campaign contributions to get what they want.

BadTux said...

The scooters are a great idea with a flawed execution. The great idea is that we don't need to clog up central cities with seas of cars. The flawed execution... well, we've seen that, already.