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Friday, June 9, 2023

The TOFF's Initial Court Appearance Will Include His Getting a Hummer

But is the fix in on this case?

Donald Trump ’s historic criminal case on felony charges of mishandling classified documents is set to unfold in Florida and will at least initially be overseen by a federal judge who issued rulings favorable to him last year and expressed repeated skepticism of Justice Department positions.

The assignment of U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, confirmed Friday by a person familiar with the development, is a rare bit of positive news for Trump in the face of an indictment with several criminal charges that carries the prospect of a years-long prison sentence

Sedition Boy couldn't have gotten a more favorable judge if he had paid for it.

Cannon got slapped by the appellate court for excessive deference to Dolt-45 during earlier stages of this matter. I wouldn't expect anything different this time around. She'll issue rulings really favorable to the perp, the prosecutors will appeal, Cannon will get slapped, again, and the trial will be delayed for months. Which is exactly what the TOFF (and his new lawyers) wants.

But we shall see.

Also, John Barrasso is among the dumbest sons-of-bitches in the GOP caucus. If you need to have the differences explained between Biden's handling of classified documents and Trump's, then please, grab ahold of your ears and pull your head out of your ass. For starters, there is zero evidence that Biden attempted to obstruct the search for documents and he didn't lie to the FBI about looking for them. Trump did and that is not even arguable, at this point.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

This is where I get lost. Wasn't there a choice of venues to indict? Is the loose Cannon being put on the hot seat on purpose?

Comrade Misfit said...

Most of the alleged bad conduct took place in Florida.

Paul W said...

I've seen a few tweets from legal experts that the prosecutors can appeal right away for a replacement judge, and could have enough evidence of Cannon's unethical deference to trump earlier in these matters to have a replacement judge switched in.

Paul W said...

The indictments we're seeing now relate to mostly the Mar-A-Lago situation, where trump obstructed and hid documents and exposed them to the public (espionage). There is another grand jury in DC, looking at how trump misbehaved up there prior to moving docs to Mar-A-Lago (we could see more obstruction charges and Presidential Records Act violations).

Comrade Misfit said...

I don’t know from Federal rules of criminal procedure, but typically, each party can move for a change of judge early in as of right (no reason required).

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Wouldn't you want the pressure to build for the judge to recuse? Does she really want to risk a life on the gravy train?

Ten Bears said...

Into every life comes an opportunity to walk the talk. Will she honor the oath she swore?

There's a reason why every light and signal works on an Old Outlaw's pickup. Whatever, wherever, whenever. I think she's facing a choice: dot every eye, cross every tee or maybe judge dog-shows in Bum-Fuck Britain for the rest of her life. Anything she does that's out of line opens the whole thing up to appeal, and given the Gestapo Court's recent pattern of 'soft' not necessarily partisan rulings that may not be the good fortune nor good strategy drumpf uck and his d-list lawyers may think it may be.

I think chaos theory is a valid course of study, but am open to god rolling dice ...

Comrade Misfit said...

Jon, barring impeachment, she's on the black-robed gravy train for the rest of her life.