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Thursday, February 14, 2019

A-380 Program Has Crashed

Airbus has cut the A-380. I doubt if anyone is surprised. The A-30 has pretty much devolved into an airliner that is mainly operated by one airline: Emirates.

47 orders have been canceled this year. Orders started drying up after 2013.


CenterPuke88 said...

Too big for point-to-point scheduling, which is what a lot of international flying has become. Domestically, except in Asia, the Super wasn’t viable. Kinda saw this coming as the international flights we work have been moving to 777, 787, 330 and 350’s. That being said, Airbus flat out beat Boeing in the market, but Boeing understood the change coming first. Now, Airbus buying into the CS program gave them a lag up on Boeing in the RJ field, which is why Boeing splashed out the cash on Embraer’s commercial division last year.

The next decision will be by the American Big(ish) three (American, Delta and United), and if they again move to deemphasize hubs and switch to more point to point operations, which inherently shortchange smaller markets. Southwest has made that work, I’m not sure the legacy three can do it.

Brad_in_IL said...

Also . . . Qatar Airlines has announced that as soon as they're done paying for their A380's, they'll be mothballed in favor of the latest generation of Boeing 777. Last I saw, Boeing had about 8 years of orders for commercial jet liners in their pipeline, and with this, certainly more orders coming. Don't forget their helo & military divisions. The company is one thing - a massive cash cow.