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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Presidente Bone Spurs to Sing Kumbaya? (with an update)

The White House says President Donald Trump will call for optimism and unity in his State of the Union address, using the moment to attempt a reset after two years of bitter partisanship and deeply personal attacks.
Fat chance that'll happen. "Unity", in Trump's view, is when everyone agrees to do it his way. He is not disposed to listen to the opinions of others, much less adapt his approach to incorporate the views of others. His sole tactic for motivating his base to support him is to play the fear card. In short, if Trump stops appealing to racism and xenophobia, he's got nothing. Even if he reads a speech from the teleprompter in which he tries to make nice, a couple editions of "chopper talk" or his tweets will blow that out of the water.

Don't expect Trump to talk about how he's not willing against ISIS.

As far as I can see, unless you're (a) a Trumpanzee, (b) a masochist, or (c) getting paid, there is no reason to watch.

UPDATED to add: Because, as it seems, nobody really cares what Trump wants.

Apropos of nothing:


dinthebeast said...

Well, new polling says that more than 57% of respondents definitely want someone else as president, so that might count as "unifying"?

-Doug in Oakland

Robbie said...

I didn't watch the SOTU because I just ate dinner and didn't want to get nauseated and throw up.

Comrade Misfit said...

My roomie was in her room, watching it. I pulled up this video and put in a set of earbuds.

She told me this morning that I chose wisely. As she put it, Trump took credit for everything, including a sunny day.