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Friday, February 15, 2019

Because It's Friday

UP 844 puts together a freight consist and hauls it out of Denver:

With no "helper" diesel.


Stewart Dean said...

Wondered about one of the cars, 209 Howard Fogg...turns out UP has Steam support cars.
Steam Locomotive Support Cars.There are several “support” cars that travel with special trains, especially those pulled by any of Union Pacific’s steam locomotives.
Howard Fogg – Boiler Car The Howard Fogg is Union Pacific’s last boiler car. It was built in 1949 by American Car & Foundry as baggage-dormitory No. 6006. The Howard Fogg was converted to boiler-baggage-dorm No. 304 in 1962. The car was converted to boiler-dorm-HEP (Head End Power) in 2000. It was renumbered again in 1987 to No. 209 and assigned to the Heritage Fleet in 1990. In 1996, it was renamed Howard Fogg after the passing of the renowned railroad artist. The Howard Fogg still has a steam generator on board to provide steam if maintenance is required while locomotives No. 844 and No. 3985 are on the road. The car has been outfitted with an electric generator to provide electricity to the passenger cars. It also has three sleeping rooms, a shower, a laundry room and a small lounge area for the crew’s use while on extended trips

More here on the other support cars:

CenterPuke88 said...

Nice .pdf, but it doesn’t mention the names for the water tenders, UPP 809 “Jim Adams” is on this trip, the other being UPP814 “Joe Jordan”