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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Brexit: This Wasn't Hard to Foresee

After two apparently unproductive days in Northern Ireland, Prime Minister Theresa May was headed to Brussels for further talks on Thursday, hoping to put her Brexit plans back on course. Any hopes that she would receive a warm welcome, however, were dashed before she could board the plane.
Mrs. May is scheduled to meet senior figures, including [EU Concil President] Tusk, to seek a way to help rescue a blueprint for Brexit that was rejected overwhelmingly by a disgruntled British Parliament last month. If she is to have any hope of getting her deal passed, she will need the bloc’s leaders to give her some concessions over a backstop plan to prevent physical checks on the Irish border.
I thought, two years ago, that the EU would not be interested at all in playing nice with the UK in the Brexit negotiations.

It seems to me that the Brits are playing chicken with the EU over Brexit. The Brexiteers in the UK think that the EU will blink at the consequences of a no-deal Brexit, also known as a crash-out and the EU will agree to reopen negotiations to come to a deal that the Brexiteers in Parliament will support. Also, as I understand things, any revised deal will require the unanimous approval of the EU member states. Spain, in particular, is not inclined to play nice. May's going back to the EU to negotiate a better deal with fifty days left on a two-year clock.

I think that's like getting into a Smart EQ and playing chicken with a Chevy Silverado pickup truck. The EU has no interest in giving nice deals to any country that wants out. There will be pain in the EU over a UK crash-out, but the EU apparently is willing to take the hit pour décourager les autres.

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Ten Bears said...

I recently took all the measurements of my woman-friend's Smart necessary to determine that it will in fact fit in the back of my everyday, run of the mill CK30 (1 ton, 4x4) Chevy pickup.