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Friday, February 22, 2019

Because It's Friday

Big Boy 4014 update:

The original goal was to have her ready for the Golden Spike Sesquicentennial. Nobody seems to be talking about that, so I'm taking that to be highly unlikely.


w3ski said...

I 'was' a car mechanic. I was trained in Machine Shop techniques but I didn't have to be so strict in my field. In reality, "they are reading .001 and as a field tech, all we needed was.10. I so respect a true machinist. Seeing all the new redone tech is just amazing. New studs and rethreaded parts! They have certainly spared no labor on this project.
I for one am in awe of the labor involved.

Deadstick said...

I've been in an engine shop where a big steam engine was under restoration. They were driving those studs, and I don't know how to describe the sound level.

w3ski said...

I was at one point in charge of a warranty repair of Ball Joints on pickups. It involved an air chisel and much air hammer usage to remove and reinstall. It sounded like hell come to earth and everyone in the shop grew to hate me except the boss. I made good time with my air hammer on a miserable job. I can only imagine doing Rivets on a big engine. Gawd help those that have to work next to it.