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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Not Just the RCC.

The Southern Baptists have a record going back decades of protecting its child predators. Victims have been shunned, shamed and pressured to forgive their attackers. Their abusers have been able to move from one position to another.

The Southern Baptist Convention has refused to keep track of the SB pastors, officials and volunteers who have been charged and/or convicted of abusing children. The press has tried to do that.

Now we see why they love Trump so much-- he is one of their own with regard to being a sexual predator. Although Trump, as far as we know, has largely been careful to not prey on children.

But really, what should one expect from a religious denomination whose very foundation was the preservation of slavery?


dinthebeast said...

I knew it couldn't just be the Catholics. When I was baptized at age 12, the pastor's son was hitting on me while I changed into dry clothes. Something seemed a little off in their teachings, and I didn't stay a baptist for very long.

-Doug in Oakland

montag said...

The problem is not confined to any one religion. I have known 3 sky pilots run out of town for 'sexual improprities'. 2 Episcopalians and a non-denom Biblebilly. It comes down to giving high moral authority to people who aren't fit to hold it.

Stewart Dean said...

Coupla things:
== The Southern Baptist faith was (yes) liberalizing slowly until 1979 when there was a fundamentalist coup and purge that threw the moderates out on the street. How it went down was much like the way that the so-called conservatives radicalized the GOP and forced the moderates out. A lot of people's lives were destroyed. If you want to get an idea of the snake pit politics involved you can go to the website of the creature who led the Kristallnacht at SB's flagship seminary at Louisville KY, Albert Mohler. He even looks like Gollum. You'll wish you hadn't. https://albertmohler.com/
== There's an excellent NYTimes piece: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/20/opinion/clergy-sexual-abuse-southern-baptist.html

WBomb said...

I had read somewhere that the only problem with Baptist is they don't hold them under long enough! 😁

Dark Avenger said...

To quote Col. Robert Ingersoll, there’s nothing wrong with baptism, as long as you include some soap and scrubbing.

Ed said...

Statists are the worst. They seem to worship forced association.