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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise


The VC10 apparently holds the record for the fastest subsonic trans-Atlantic flight. They were in service for nearly fifty years.


Deadstick said...

So, they filmed the takeoff from behind a tree...

Old NFO said...

It still holds the record for JFK to PIK at 5:01! A 787 just set the JFK-LHR at 5:13.

CenterPuke88 said...

With 22,500 lbs of thrust per engine and a smaller weight to move versus the final B-707 (19,000lbs per engine), no wonder it could boogie. Just looking at it made me wonder about the tail mounted engines, and the answer was really simple...African runways. High and hot performance was needed, as the B-707 couldn’t cut it in Africa until the runways get extended, but the VC-10 had fat tires and engines mounted out of harms way. In the end, the superior operating economics of the DC-8 and B-707 won out as longer and better runways got built throughout Africa.