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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Book Arrival

I'm no fan of Comey. I think he put his thumb on the electoral scales to as much effect, if not more, than did the Russians. What he did in `16 was more about covering his bureaucratic ass than anything else. I wonder if this book is partially an attempt to try to toss some smoke over that.

It would seem that it is not a bright thing for a potential trial witness to go blabbing on long interviews, let alone writing a book. All of that will become grist for a cross-examination.

On the other hand, if he put the book out in two or three years, far fewer people would care, let alone buy it. So there is an undercurrent of "cashing out while the cash is good", at least to me. It's not a pleasant smell.

Besides all that, this book is #1 on Amazon's best sellers list and will probably be at or near #1 on the next iteration of most other best sellers lists (non fiction) by the end of the upcoming weekend. To to the extent that will gnaw at the rotting and diseased heart of El Trumpo, that's a good thing.


dinthebeast said...

Comey, like everyone else, thought a Clinton presidency was a foregone conclusion, and claims that he was positioning himself to be able to do his job in the atmosphere of endless congressional investigation that would surely accompany it.
I sort of feel like the head of the FBI should perhaps have a better grasp on likely outcomes than that, what, with "investigation" being in the name of the bureau he ran and all...
And then there's the idea that had he just followed the rules, he wouldn't be having to answer for, you know, not following them.
The book is about the same level of behavior as his CYA activities that got him in trouble to begin with, ethically speaking, but I'm sort of glad he wrote it, as I doubt there will be any long-form disclosures from any other important witnesses in the Russia investigation until after it has been decided.

-Doug in Oakland

Alan Simpson said...

"Non-Fiction" my a**

dinthebeast said...

Also, he's a Republican. How did anyone expect him to act?

-Doug in Oakland

James Storyteller Pritchett said...

"...he was positioning himself to be able to do his job in the atmosphere of endless congressional investigation that would surely accompany it...." And that's different from what's going on now?
"...he's a Republican. How did anyone expect him to act?..." Not in any world I can think of. I don't care what he claims, the truth is in his actions.

dinthebeast said...

"...the truth is in his actions."

Boy howdy.

-Doug in Oakland

BadTux said...

His actions likely were the tiny margin of victory for Trump. If that's not a Republican way to do things, I don't know what is.