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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Survival Tip for African-American Men

Put your cell phone in a bright pink case.

Because it's apparent that the cops believe that any object in the hands of a black man is a gun.

They'll shoot white people, but they get fired and indicted for that.


CenterPuke88 said...

The snarky response is black phone cases with orange bands on each end...but that’s a white voice speaking...

"Zack" said...

... and the ready defense is ..." I thought it was a pink gun."


B said...

Here's a hing on how not to get shot, mostly:

Don't run away when caught. Make SURE yer hands are empty.

There are many differences in those cases, and to imply other=wise is just wrong.
Justine Damond wasn't running from coops after being caught breaking into cars, was she? Nor was she violent...nor threatening the cops or anyone else..

But details like that don't matter when you are looking for racism, do they?

Comrade Misfit said...

I suppose the fact that in a "blue on blue" situation, it's always black or Latino cops who get shot doesn't matter, either?

B said...
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B said...

It does happen. Especially when you are undercover. White folks get shot too, when they aren't known.

It's why cops wear uniforms, you know. If I'm waving a gun around in a shooter situation, and not wearing a cop uniform...I'm likely to get shot. If you are being CHASED by police, don't turn around at bay with something in your hand....I don't care what color you are. Of course, I won't get shot after being chased for breaking into cars because I won't be breaking into cars....But that is one of those things liberals don't like to discuss, isn't it? Crime rates by demographic and all....

Best way to *not* get shot is to *not* interact with the cops in an adversarial manner.

Second best way is to not rush upon them with something in your hand. or turn at bay with something in your hand.....

Most folks, white and black, follow the first rule.

Most whites (and hispanics) surrender when caught, instead of running.

THe rest....don't.

Sorry if you don't like the truth here..... If it leaves you with a bad feeling. It is, however, reality. Blame socio-economics, if it makes you feel better ....Doesn't change the way it is.

If you liberals all feel that all poor black people are just like your neighbors, why AREN'T they your neighbors?

CenterPuke88 said...

And if you are white and crawling on the floor, I guess you just shouldn't hitch up them pants...

And if you are black and lying still, as ordered by the cops, you get shot anyway?

B., please provide the statistics and the relevent link for your assertion.

B said...

CP: You always demand that, but then you refuse to accept the data when I give it to you, if you don't like what it says. Kinda like putting your fingers on your ears....

SO, do your own research. How about, instead, you find data to refute me?

That way, your cites are acceptable to you.

Your point about crawling on the floor is a good one though.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., you made a statement that X occurs.

I asked for your data.

You provided none, leading me to conclude you stated an opinion.

You then tried to blame me for you not providing data.

You have failed, you point is clearly opinion, and a racist one at that.

I await your response that you have a black friend.

dinthebeast said...

"If you liberals all feel that all poor black people are just like your neighbors, why AREN'T they your neighbors?"

They are my neighbors,B, and have been for 34 years. I have much more in common with them than I do with most better-off white people, although in Oakland those better off white people don't tend to be Republicans, so we get along well, for the most part.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

Yes, I have many black acquaintances. None that are close friends, at least not yet. There are no black people out here in the country where I live, but that does not mean that I do not associate with people based on race. I do not have black neighbors, but that is rather because few black people around here are comfortable living in rural Indiana.

I have no "token" black friends, if that was your reference.

As I said previously, CP, you reject every cite I provide, every time; I got better things to do that waste my time trying to satisfy you....You reject anything that does not match your somewhat unfocused worldview......You really aren't worth my time....I'd say more, but I follow our hostesses rules.

Again, feel free to refute me. Then, at least, it'll be sources you find acceptable.

I notice that while others can, and have, shown me where I was wrong (and taught me something in the process), you seem to be unable to do so every time....you fall back to "show me some cites!"....seems a pretty weak thing after so many uses, doncha think? Kinda like the "race card"...it gets tired and tattered after too many uses.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., watch an episode of Cops or such and see who is running. That’s a pretty good sample, and I see plenty, of all colors, running. Follow that by looking at who gets shot, and we have some disturbing data. Follow that with the videos of cops executing black males, and it’s very concerning.

You suggest that I should show you citations to prove that blacks don’t run much more than whites or latinos, but the problem is that this data isn’t available, hence I asked where you got that data. You refused, which suggests an anecdotal source, which you have yet to deny. Instead you dredge up the strawman of my “not being worth your time”, and try to dismiss the matter without addressin it.

As for “few black people are comfortable living in rural Indiana”, have you considered why?

B said...

Yes, I have discussed it with a few folks....Black ones.

There is a fear, totally unfounded in most places, that rural whites will shoot them or otherwise cause issues.

Sadly, this isn't true.

In fact, my Fed-Ex driver PREFERS to deliver out here, dspite being dark skinned. He feels he is safer, everyone offers him a drink or a piece of pie or whatever...People are nicer. He's broken down, and every third car stops to see if he needs help. Yes, people look t him because he is "out of place" but few are rude or threatening to him. He is actually looking at houses here. He thinks it is safer than Gary or other cities where the blacks self segregate. I told him I'd help him move....
Most black people tend to be urban or suburban, at least the ones in the greater Chicago Metro area. It has been my experience that poor blacks tend to believe the myths and superstitions without any evidence. Some believe that black dogs are poisonous, too...

Go to SOUTHERN Indiana, south of Indianapolis, and their fears might have some merit, (maybe). But not so in Northern Indiana nor Michigan, nor in Northern Illinois.

Ask any cop that works in a city (I have some that are friends) Whites don't run (as often) and when they are caught, they stop. Blacks, not so much.

By the way, Black cops shoot black suspects at the same rate as White cops. So it isn't all racial.

I'm sorry you cannot see things without your rose colored glasses.....that your liberal viewpoint cannot accept that at least some of the blame might be placed on the suspects....and that cultural factors are, indeed, part of the problem.

Again, if any of the previous times you had not dismissed my cites simply because you didn't like what they said or proved, I might bother to give you you some this time.

Believe what you want. But you aren't fixing the issue by whining about it.

I'm out, you get the last word here. Go for it.

CenterPuke88 said...

Not whining, opining.

Thanks for finally admitting your “data” is anecdotal supposition .

The race of the cop is irrelevant, because the racial issue is that ANY cop believes ANY black person is more threatening. Countless studies show that, and show that black children are punished/suspended/expelled for incidents that whites students receive a less severe penalty for. This “melting pot” is still suffering the overhang of 400+ years of blacks and browns are inferior behavior, and until we accept that just about everyone has racists beliefs and behaviors, we can’t hope to start to slowly correcting those. When I say that you are a racist, why not say “yes, I know that, but I am working to change those behaviors, stereotypes and actions that I grew up learning.” It’s difficult to do, and even harder to admit, but until then, you are lying to yourself. But, in the end, it’s you in the bed at night who knows the truth, it’s simply time to accept it and shoulder the burden. I’ve already admitted it.

B said...

I know I said I'd let you have the last word....sorry, I gotta ask a couple of question from you first.

Why does (in your world) any criticism of black people become racism. Sometime criticism is warranted.

Why is anecdotal observations from MULTIPLE cops in multiple jurisdictions different from anecdotal evidence in an article written in a liberal publication by a Social Justice Warrior journalist ? Do you demand cites from them? Large statistical studies? Has it ever occurred to you that cops see more than you do...and have a large sampling of people from which to observe behavioral patterns? As I pointed out, even black cops are more likely to pull a gun on black suspects.....

Why do you ascribe everything to racism? Why can't you accept that people of different genetics have different behaviors? That some behaviors lead to issues, and some lead to success? That some people can't get past their social conditioning and live in the cycle of poverty and issues with the law...whether from genetic behavioral traits or from the social setting and cultural conditioning in which they grow up? It isn't racism to point out behaviors that make it difficult to succeed in our society. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

Why can't you accept data that doesn't fit your preconceived notions?

And why do you hate yourself so much?

Comrade Misfit said...

Why can't you accept that people of different genetics have different behaviors?

Really? You're going there? Are you also claiming that Asians are good at math and Jews are good at finance?

B said...

Yes, I will "go there". I'll point out what you wish wasn't there....

Observations of people in large groups demonstrate that behaviors DO correlate.
Is it genetics? I dunno. Is it culture? Maybe.
Both, I think, play a part. Nature versus Nurture?

Either way, those stereotypes DO exist....and they exist for a reason. People DO behave differently based on race and culture.
Seldom do we see Jewish people breaking into cars, or running from the police when caught doing something wrong. Yet there are a lot of them that are painfully poor....so that isn't the entire reason...Not saying they commit fewer crimes, mind you, just that their behavior is different...Why is that?

Why do we expect it of other groups? The Irish (or folks of Irish descent) still, despite a great deal of amalgamation here in the US, drink more than other groups. Poles as well. (I am descended from both). Folks of German descent tend to be more stubborn (My heritage as well). Italians and Latins are more excitable (I am part Mexican). Body types follow ancestry, why not thought patterns and behaviors based on lineage?....Is the reason for behavior genetics or is it cultural? Is it learned behavior, or part of our programming from birth? Does culture follow genetics?

The same sort of differences can be found in many groups...racial and/OR cultural. Which one drives behavior more? Either way, certain behaviors can be generalized for those groups and those generalizations are, for the most part, valid. Again, stereotypes exist for a reason. We expect certain breeds of horses or dogs or cats to have certain behavioral characteristics...and humans are merely other animals overlain by a thin veneer of "intelligence" and "Civilization"....why should we not also expect genetics to play a part in our behavioral characteristics?

Comrade Misfit said...

I've had my fill of this, B. You want to spout pesudo-scientific racist crap next time around, feel free to do it on your own blog and then post a link to your screed.

We are done here.

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