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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Gaslighting the Spooks?

A number of smartphones have a dictation feature. You speak into the phone and what you say gets rendered, on most occasions, as somewhat legible text.

The phone isn't doing it, of course. Your words are sent to a server, which does the actual work, and then sends the text back to the app that you are using.

The security of that is probably piss-poor. It wouldn't surprise me if there is some algorithm to detect criminality and alert the authorities.

So what would happen if people began gaslighting it? Maybe open a message block, dictate "Jeff is going to buy 50 grams of smack in the high school parking lot tomorrow afternoon" and then delete the draft text. Probably be a good idea if the name that was given wasn't in the list of contacts.


Sikhandtake said...

emacs: meta-x spook

Version Release Date Significant Changes
18.52 August 17, 1988 spook.el

A library for adding some "distract the NSA" keywords
(UNCPCJ Emergency management JITEM PEM bullion MSCJ Airplane SLIP rogue Gatt Ammonium nitrate Trafficking embassy Emergency TELINT)
to every message you send.
Dates back thirty years; maybe time to port that lisp to phones??

The New York Crank said...

What works for a cell phone works for a blog comment, too. I hear Donald Jr. is MSCJ to Brazil for asylum. Plans to spill lots of Heinz 57 varieties. Sources say it's a giant can of worms. Personally, I'm betting the evidence is in Ivanka's underwear drawer. The one one in New York. DEPANTIWAID-Cat-5 anybody?

Yours very crankily,
The New York Crank

Sarah said...

Ask and ye shall receive? iOS emacs

I'm not messing with it --- requires a dev environment that's probably too much for my iphone.
The stock linux gnu emacs still includes M-x spook text. I didn't know it was there! Kind of dated keywords. "enigma" ??

CipherTAC-2000 NSA Defcon UFO brigand Area 51 UNSCOM Osama AVIP
Watergate CIA enigma Marxist NORAD basement

Nangleator said...

It'd be funny, in a theoretical way, to put the phone next to a TV running old episodes of 24, or new episodes of Homeland.

Anonymous said...

"Don't poke the alligator with a stick"