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Monday, April 2, 2018

The Trump Toady Television Network

These are the stations owned by Sinclair Media, which is allegedly operating as a form of state-controlled media for Spanky.


B said...

I watch channel 22 out of South Bend, and I gotta say that my observations don't match the "Hill" story. They are pretty much the opposite of what the article says...if anything they are as liberal-leaning as the Chicago stations.

Other stations; I dunno.

w3ski said...

Here in Ca. they have both Redding/Chico and Eureka, of all places? I can see the Redding Area, plenty of real Rednecks to buy that slop there, but Eureka? I guess that market includes part of Oregon where I know there is a lot of "rethug types".
Thru local cable and repeater towers those smaller cities do cover a largish swath.
Did the list bypass the Scaramento area? There are a couple of far reaching stations there too.
Scary times indeed.