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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Catching Up to the Old Killers

Decades ago, there was a serial killer and a serial rapist terrorizing California. It was one guy, the East Bay Rapist, the Golden State Killer, aka the Original Night Stalker. They didn't even know it was all the same guy until DNA connected the crimes almost two decades ago.

Today, they arrested the guy.

Update: Some credit for this goes to the late Michelle McNamara.


Anonymous said...

Yikes, Comrade. At first I clicked out of morbid curiosity... then I got the punch line / buried lead... "Ex-cop arrested in sadistic crime spree from ’70s and ’80s".

Bob in OK

dinthebeast said...

East Area Rapist. His only East Bay crimes, as far as I can tell, were through the tunnel in Co Co county. I could be wrong about that, but that's the way I read it this morning.
Seems like an ambitious asswipe, as he kinda terrorized the whole state for a time, but I can't say that I remembered him when I read about his arrest this morning.

-Doug in Oakland

3383 said...

They got him via a relative's ancestry-type DNA test. Nobody suggested he could be the killer based on coverage.

Comrade Misfit said...

No, but nothing like a well-publicized book on the case to spark investigative interest.

And who did not foresee that the cops would be using those "know your ancestry" databases for this purpose?