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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Riddle Me This, Batman

Why would Trump be so concerned about whether or not Michael Cohen is going to flip on him if Cohen doesn't have anything to flip on Trump about?

Also, keep in mind that, for all of the talk about whether or not Trump might pardon Cohen to remove him from the board, much of what those two goniffs did was set in New York. Trump can't pardon Cohen for acts that were illegal under state law. As much as Gov. Cuomo comes across as a self-interested SOB, I can't see what he'd gain from pardoning either man.


CenterPuke88 said...

There is an issue that might explain this. As it currently stands, under NY’s Doubke Jeopardy Law, a Presidential pardon could prevent prosecution in certain cases. It seems to revolve around the timing of the pardon as being after a conviction or guilty plea, but the NY AG is asking for changes in the law to paste over this loophole.

dinthebeast said...

CP88: Am I correct in thinking that the likelihood of him getting that fix depends on the weird as hell state of the NY state senate, and their "deal" that gives Republicans control of the chamber while warring factions of Democrats busily screw the pooch on the taxpayers' dime?

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

Doug, that is certainly the case, however, similar charges from NY could still proceed. Note that Manafort’s charges by Mueller seem pretty well written to NOT stop NY for filing charges...

dinthebeast said...

So the Dems won the special elections today, but one guy is still caucusing with the Republicans and keeping their majority intact for the rest of the legislative session.
Whether he will change his mind in June, or they will have to win another seat outright in November we'll have to wait and see.
Or it's possible that the Republicans could pass the rule change out of fear for their political skins in a state like New York that might not be kind to Fergus' hangers-on after he begins to flame out in earnest, or some other such craziness...

-Doug in Oakland